Amendment of VAT Regulation and General Regulation of Application of Taxes


On June 7th, came into force the Royal Decree 410/2014 amending the Regulation of the Value Added Tax and the General Rules of Application of Taxes.

The amendment affects the VAT exemption of filing the Annual VAT Summary – Form 390 – for taxpayers in respect of which the tax authorities already possess enough information for the purposes of tax audit or investigation. In particular, taxpayers who affect the exemption shall be reported into the Ministerial Order establishing the approval of Form 390.

On the other hand, the amendments relating to the General Rules of Proceedings and Management and Tax Inspection and development of the common rules of procedures for the application of taxes are two:

– Obligation on financial institutions to file a proxy statement on open financial accounts in them under the circumstances specified in the regulations on mutual assistance.

– Possibility of taxpayers for voluntarily access to the content of their notifications in the electronic office of the Tax Administration. There is mandatory to access with an electronic signature and it will be deemed as notified, without prejudice to the notifications that can be performed through the Electronic Tax Address.

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