The European Commission seeks the modernization of the customs procedures in the EU


Last July 28th, the European Commission adopted a legal act that seeks the implementation of a customs system in the EU more modern and integrated, as well as cooperation in the EU territory for customs matters. This legislation supports the Union Customs Code, adopted in 2013, and which is planned to enter into force in May 2016.

The act adopted covers a wide area of customs activity, including:

  • Simplifications of the customs procedure inward processing which allows the processing of non-Union goods without payment of import duty and other charges to support creation of added value in the EU.
  • Clearer rules to ensure equal treatment of economic operators in the EU.
  • Wide-ranging provisions which will allow customs decisions and authorisations to be valid across the EU in the future.
  • Establishing common data requirements as the basis for new IT systems linking Member States’ customs administrations to ensure a seamless exchange of information.
  • Improvements in risk management to reinforce the fight against trade in illicit and prohibited goods, terrorism and other criminal activities.

The Union Customs Code (UCC) which came into force in 2013 enables customs to focus more on trade facilitation as well as on security and the enforcement of intellectual property rights. It also improves cooperation between customs authorities and other services.

Through the following link can access to the press release published by the European Commission and further information in this respect.

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