The introduction of goods within the Spanish VAT territoriy, dispatched from a non-EU country, means the VAT taxable event importation of goods and, therefore, the payment of the import VAT, customs duties and excise duties, in case.

For those companies usually carrying out importation of goods, the payment of the import VAT quotas and the subsequent recovery could mean a significant financial cost. Searching to avoid or, at least to reduce, this financial cost linked to the international movement of goods it has been set up the suspension regimes for both, customs and VAT purposes.

Bonded and VAT warehouses, fiscal warehouses, tax-free areas and inward or outward processing arrangements, are some of the suspension regimes set up for the importer of records to try to avoid the financial cost of the indirect taxes linked to the importation.

By linking the goods to those suspension regimes, under certain requirements, the payment of the indirect taxes related to the importation does not become due, until the moment the goods leave the regime. Moreover, as long as the goods are linked to the suspension regime, the VAT related to any supply of goods or services over such goods will be exempt.

Diligens, fully aware of the implications and tax savings related to the suspension regimes, do assist to its clients in the planning and analysis of the customs and tax requirements related to the suspension regimes, application and implementation and ongoing compliance.

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