International trading of goods that involves territories outside the European Union has tax implications related to the accrual of customs duties. Likewise, these transactions entail the accrual of excise duties when involve goods that, by their nature, are levied by such taxes, as well as VAT.

For all entities regularly carrying out international trading of goods, the payment of import VAT, customs duties and excise duties and their subsequent recovery may involve a significant additional cost. With the intention of avoiding or reducing the financial cost linked to the international trading, it is of vital importance to carry out a proper planning of customs taxation.


DILIGENS, aware of the tax implications and savings related to these transactions, assists its clients in the planning and analysis of the customs and other tax implications of international trading, providing services within the scope of:

  • Customs planning and application and implementation of customs suspension arrangements (bonded and fiscal warehouses, inward or outward processing relief, temporary import, etc).
  • Review of the tariff classification (combined nomenclature) of the goods.
  • Analysis of the proceeding for the application of the status as Economic Authorized Operator.
  • Supply chain and customs value.
  • Assistance with customs and excise duties audits.
  • Application for the Electricity Tax Code for taxpayers of electricity tax.
  • Tax advisory services for transactions involving goods subject to excise duties.

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